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Posted On: September 15, 2020

A brief guide to “How do your scrap your car” and “how to find out the scrap car prices in Sydney”, New South Wales

A vehicle can be the most reliable, top of the line work of automotive art. This will not stop it from eventually ending up in a salvage yard. How it ends up there may vary, with some being in crashes, and others simply suffering from a blown engine. The main detail that makes a vehicle junk is the fact that repair costs are higher than the vehicle’s value.

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Is Your Car’s Maintenance Cost Exceeding Its Value?

When this happens, the only logical next step is to dispose of it. If it was many years ago, this would involve hiring a tow truck to haul it off to a landfill. It was either that or just leave it deteriorating on the driveway. The look of having a scrap car lying about on your property is a particularly bad one, however. So, you should feel glad that those days are gone.

Don’t Pay to Dispose Your Car, Get Paid Instead!

Now, instead of paying money to have your car disposed of, you can make money instead. And it will involve the car also being recycled, instead of simply dumped. Sell your scrap car to the wreckers and find out how much do wreckers pay for old cars. By now, perhaps you are wondering who on earth is going to buy a vehicle that has permanently broken down. For those fortunate enough to live in Sydney, you have Mega Cars Removal as the solution to that problem! We will buy it. How much will we pay for it? Find out by reading the rest of this post.

How Much Does the Car Weigh?

So, you now know that an auto removal company such as Mega Cars Removal will buy any vehicle that is in scrap condition. But how do they decide how much money to offer to you? To begin with, they will need to find out how much your car weighs. This is due to the price of scrap metal being decided by weight. This is easy enough to learn. You may have some expensive things on your car, such as a stereo that can be described as excessively expensive. You should remove it, as it won’t be added to the value of your car.


Even though the amount of money that steel can be valued at goes up and down throughout any year, don’t worry. Here at Mega Cars Removal, we will always be offering the most money that your automobile can possibly get. Just know that this is one of the considerations that we have to add into our calculations when formulating an offer.

How Many Spare Parts are in Good Condition?

Maybe your vehicle has been written off in a crash. It may seem that there are absolutely no components worth salvaging on it. But you would be surprised. For example, perhaps the windscreen wipers are still in re-usable condition. Maybe the tyres are still salvageable. A lot of vehicles we buy have had a component fail that costs more to fix than it is worth, such as the transmission. In this case, we have so many parts to salvage that the seller gets a nice sum of cash.

If you are actually in possession of the knowledge required to take a vehicle to pieces successfully, you have another option. As long as you also have the tools, space, time, and know how, you can take the car apart yourself and sell the parts. You stand to get more money this way. The likelihood is that you don’t have the above pre-requisites. If this is the case, selling your car to a company such as ours here at Mega Cars Removal is the next best thing!

We part cars out ourselves. We choose the parts that are in good condition, and sell them as second hand car parts. All the parts that aren’t in that condition are sold as scrap metals. The whole car gets recycled at the end of the process.

What is the Make, Model and Age of the Car?

The different makes and models of vehicle out there vary in popularity. For example, Toyota is a very much sought-after brand, and it is due to the superior level of reliability and so forth. The parts for these cars are more expensive to get your hands on as a result. If a part is difficult to get rid of, it will be cheaper to incentivise people to buy it. If it is easy to sell, the opposite is true. This is why we take into account this consideration when deciding how much a scrap vehicle is worth.

Don’t misunderstand us, however. The salient fact that different models are harder to sell parts for doesn’t mean we don’t sell those parts, or buy those cars. We like to have parts from every single make and model under the sun. Mostly because we can then provide our superior services to the most people possible, and no-one misses out.

Age of the Vehicle vs How Long Have You Driven?

Then there is the age of a vehicle. How is it an important aspect to look at in order to ascertain how much it is worth? Because the age tells us two things. One is the kind of technology it will have. It will be less advanced. And therefore, less valuable. The other thing it tells us is how much wear and tear the vehicle has taken on due to use. The more wear and tear it has taken on predicts how long the part will last, and whether it is re-usable at all.


Get the Price of Your Scrap Car in Sydney for FREE!

So, you want to sell your scrap car for cash? No worries! The first step is to learn how much it is worth, and here at Mega Cars Removal, we provide free car valuation. You can either dial 0422 330 072 or go to the main page of our website and fill out the form found there. We will note down all of the details that have been described in this blog, and get back to you as fast as we can with a free quote. It is the most convenient and stress-free method for selling a car known to man.

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