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    Welcome to the world of cars where you can sell your used car for cash and get the free pickup service across Sydney and an immediate suburb. At Mega Cars Removal, we don’t just buy scrap cars, we also accept all makes and models in any condition. The better the vehicle’s condition, we pay higher cash on the spot. Call us 0422 330 072 or get a free car valuation online.

    Selling your Car in 5 Stages

    The average age of all the vehicles on our roads is over a decade. Of course, this is the case, as it just shows that most people buy cars second hand. Not everyone can afford to spend top dollar on a brand-new vehicle. Most can’t. It is true that selling cars isn’t the most fun task to take on, and it is much less hassle to hold onto a vehicle for as long as possible before selling it on.

    The Stage of Denial

    When people first put their vehicle up for sale, they usually over-estimate how much their car is worth. They are essentially in a state of denial about how much their vehicle is actually worth. As we all know, vehicles depreciate a lot over time. If one bought the car originally brand new, this effect is even more prominent, as depreciation is at its most in the first few years after it was first purchased. People often don’t want to face up to the reality that their vehicle is no-where near worth as much as they originally paid for it.

    The Anger Stage

    When you go about selling a car, you will probably come across a phenomenon known as trawling. There are people who will offer an incredibly low amount of money to as many people in the online classifieds. The hope is that at least one will take the bait and sell their car for far less than it is worth. But all the others will just get very angry at the gall that this person must have. You will experience the same amount of anger yourself.

    The Bargaining Stage

    All these low-ball offers are making you question yourself. Now you look at the price you wanted for your vehicle and are wondering if you should make changes. Maybe if you lowered it a wee bit, you will start to get some serious offers from people who are willing to spend more money. Or the people who are low-balling will stop and offer some better deals. But they won’t. They never do.

    The Stage of Sadness

    When you first put your vehicle up for sale, you got some sweet offers. This made you think that perhaps you could get an even better offer, so you held out. And then the quality of offers dropped off at a steep rate. You will be experiencing despair once the realisation sets in that you screwed up, and should have taken one of those original generous offers instead of getting greedy. Now you have to settle for one of the drabbest offers.

    The Acceptance Stage

    By now you have simply made peace with the fact that you are not going to get the best price for your vehicle. It has taken a few weeks to reach this point, but you are no longer sad, angry or anything else. A sense of calm and serenity will result in this, and ultimately you will sell your car for a pittance, but not really care.

    Second Hand Car Buyers Sydney team at Mega Cars Removal don’t want you to go through all these stressful stages. We aim to help you to sell your car for top cash and reducing your stress by picking a vehicle for free of cost and helping you to sort out your paperwork as well which is like cherry on the top. Contact us and get the top cash for cars in Sydney, NSW today.

    We Buy Cars of All Make and Models
    Regardless The Condition!

    Brand - Ford Brand - honda Brand - Hyundai Brand - Jaguar Brand - Kia Brand - Mitsubishi Brand - Land Rover Brand - Nissan Brand - Toyota Brand - Subaru Brand - Suzuki

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    • Cash for Scrap Cars

      Cash for Scrap Cars Sydney

      Turn your scrap car into cash! Simple give us a ring at 0422 330 072

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      Unwanted Car Removal

      Sydney Wide Old Car Removal Service! Fast, Safe and Hassle free.

    • Sell Cars for Cash

      Sell Car for Cash

      The Quickest Way to make some Cash by Selling your car for the best price. Email us today.

    • Car Wreckers in Sydney

      Green Car Wreckers

      Sydney’s Favorite Auto Wreckers, Dismantlers, Disposal Experts and Recyclers

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    I wanted to sell my car for scrap and was looking for cars for cash near me. Biggest thing I love about Mega Cars Removal their commitment and loyalty to their customers. Always pay more cash for cars than anyone in Sydney. They are big enough to offer me the great price and small enough to know my name. I got my car scrapped in no time and got paid instant for my unwanted car.

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