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    Successfully disposing of a vehicle in Sydney doesn’t have to be a stressful mission, even though it may seem like the opposite. All you need to do is get in touch with auto wreckers in Sydney and you will have all your junk car woes sorted out in no time. At Mega Cars Removal (MCR), we are the go-to scrap vehicle wrecking company for all of New South Wales, and if you have an unwanted car, van, 4×4, truck, SUV, Ute, Jeep, we will pay you top cash for it. That’s right. You won’t just be merely choosing the safest and most environmentally friendly ways to get rid of an old car you don’t need anymore. Also, you won’t only be doing it in a fast and efficient manner. You will also be getting top dollar for that old vehicle. Book a free car disposal service with us today!

    wreck & recycle

    The Environmentally Friendly Option

    If you are concerned that your vehicle will continue to negatively impact the state of the planet, even in death, worry no more. Here at MCR, we care about the environment. And we are dedicated to recycling cars, according to all the strict guidelines that are in place.

    This includes the safe disposal of any and all non-biodegradable and toxic substances in your car. We will remove materials like engine oil, brake fluid and anti-freeze, and either recycle them or dispose of them properly. If you were to just leave your car on your property. These substances will leak out and harm the local wild-life and plant life.

    Get the Best Cash Price to Dispose a Car in NSW

    You are going to get paid the best money when you sell your car to the wreckers. We will take into account your vehicle’s age, what condition it is in, the make and the model of car. This info is invaluable in calculating how much it is worth. The amount we pay can go all the way up to the lofty heights of $7’000 if the vehicle is in good enough condition.

    However, we want our customers to get more money than they would from anywhere else. So, if you get a better offer for your car, please inform us so that we can remedy the situation. We will match their offer. Read more about our cash for cars service.

    Scrap Car Removal Sydney

    If the vehicle you are selling to us is a junk vehicle, you can’t be expected to drive it anywhere. It will need to be professionally transported to our salvage yard. So, it is a good thing that we have professional scrap car pickup experts working for us. And the fact that we want you to get as much money as possible out of this transaction means that we will not charge you for the removal of your car. Find more about our unwanted car removal service.

    Get Rid of Vehicles of All Makes, All Models, Any Condition

    There is nothing that will disqualify your automobile from access to our car salvage yard for wrecking. We will buy it regardless of what condition it is in. Or what the make or model of the vehicle in question is.

    To get a free quote, call us at 0422 330 072 or go to our website and find the free quote form. We will respond with your free quote as quickly as possible after you tell us the age, make, model and condition the vehicle is in.

    Contact us to know more about our car scrap pickup service. Before we pick up your unwanted vehicle for disposal. You might need to use the following link for the notice of disposal-

    We Buy Cars of All Make and Models
    Regardless The Condition!

    Brand - Ford Brand - honda Brand - Hyundai Brand - Jaguar Brand - Kia Brand - Mitsubishi Brand - Land Rover Brand - Nissan Brand - Toyota Brand - Subaru Brand - Suzuki

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    • Cash for Scrap Cars

      Cash for Scrap Cars Sydney

      Turn your scrap car into cash! Simple give us a ring at 0422 330 072

    • Unwanted Car Removal

      Unwanted Car Removal

      Sydney Wide Old Car Removal Service! Fast, Safe and Hassle free.

    • Sell Cars for Cash

      Sell Car for Cash

      The Quickest Way to make some Cash by Selling your car for the best price. Email us today.

    • Car Wreckers in Sydney

      Green Car Wreckers

      Sydney’s Favorite Auto Wreckers, Dismantlers, Disposal Experts and Recyclers

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    I wanted to sell my car for scrap and was looking for cars for cash near me. Biggest thing I love about Mega Cars Removal their commitment and loyalty to their customers. Always pay more cash for cars than anyone in Sydney. They are big enough to offer me the great price and small enough to know my name. I got my car scrapped in no time and got paid instant for my unwanted car.

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    Glen Maxwell (Penrith, Sydney)

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