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How to Sell My Car That Gets Damaged in an Accident?

/ / How to Sell My Car That Gets Damaged in an Accident?

Posted On: March 9, 2021

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Anyone that has ever been in a road accident that was so serious that the car was written off can attest to how scary it is. Within the short time frame of a few seconds, everything can change. It can be enough to tempt any sane person to simply quit driving forever. Most don’t, however.

What to do after a crash

What happens immediately after the incident? Well, first, it is important to check the other people involved in the crash. How are they? Are they alive? Or are they dead? It is a good idea to ascertain which one it is. Once this task has been thoroughly completed to satisfaction, you can then turn your attention to yourself. How are you? Do you have multiple broken bones? These are questions that need to be answered.

After you have completed some post-accident self-analysis in reference to any possible injuries you may have sustained, it is time to look at your car. How badly damaged is it?

Is your Car So Damaged that it is Not Drivable?

Your car may not be drivable. This is a very real possibility after being in a road accident. The likelihood of the non-drivable-car outcome increases with the severity of the crash it was in. There are also other variables that will have an effect on the outcome. Where the car was impacted is one. Was the front or the back of the car the part that took the brunt of the crash? If the engine is still intact, your car will be less damaged than if it was crushed.

How to Know whether your car cannot be driven

  1. The Headlights or other lights are Severely Damaged and Not Working as a Result

Perhaps the headlights have been broken to the point where they are no longer functioning. Driving at night in this car is not an option any more. Perhaps the indicator lights received a similar fate. Now you can’t drive at all.

  1. The Crash Resulted in Flat Tyres

It is dangerous to drive with flat tyres. You have less control over the car. What’s more, you will damage the wheels that the tyres are on, as well as the tyres themselves.

  1. Destroyed Windows

Also, if the windshield window is completely shattered, don’t expect to be able to drive your car. The rush of wind in your face will be unbearable. It is probably illegal to drive a car with no windshield. Bugs hitting your face could cause injury.

  1. The Airbags have Been Deployed

You are far less safe to be driving a vehicle that has no functioning air bags because they have been deployed. Technically you can, but you are taking a huge risk.

  1. Fluids are Leaking out of your Car

Furthermore, if you can see that there are fluids leaking from your car after an accident, you can be rest assured that something is seriously wrong in the engine or thereabouts. It could be the engine oil, or it may be brake fluid. It might even be petrol or coolant. Check the levels of all those things. Your car could overheat and break down permanently if you dive it.

  1. You Find Steering Very Difficult

Perhaps there is now a steering or suspension problem with your vehicle now that it has crashed. You will find steering to be difficult. Do not continue driving your vehicle.

Whether to Replace or Repair after Crash

If you have had the severe misfortune of having a crash that caused serious damage to your vehicle, you need to answer a question. It is this question here: Should you repair the car or replace it? The answer depends. It depends on whether you will be spending more money on the repairs than the amount that the car was worth before the crash.

Selling Totalled Cars for Cash

It doesn’t have to be too difficult to sell a vehicle that has taken on a huge enough amount of damage after a crash that it is now useless. And, fortunately it happens to be very easy to do just that. How can you sell a car that is essentially only good as scrap? All you need to do is sell it to your local car removal company.

These are scrap car pickup companies that buy cars that can be legitimately referred to as completely useless. It could be because the car is so old that the accumulated wear and tear has caused most of the moving parts to stop working. Or the vehicle in question may have been the victim of neglect and has broken down permanently due to a part failing. Whatever the reason is, the scrap car wrecking company close to you will buy that vehicle off you.

The Simplest and Most Hassle-Free Method for Selling ‘written off’ vehicles

It only takes one day to sell a vehicle to an auto wrecker in Sydney, NSW. But you may want to shop around first. This will involve getting a few different quotes from a few different companies and choosing which one is the best. Make sure that you know how much do you get for scrapping a car. Factor into your decision making whether the company in question provides their removal service for free. A lot of them do. And it means that you don’t have to pay any money, thus you don’t compromise your end of day takings.

To get a free quote, you merely need to spend a short few minute or so filling out the online form that will be on the website of the company you choose. However, you can also phone them if this is your preference. They just need to know your cars most basic details to give you a free quote. This includes how old the car is. It also includes the condition your vehicle is in. On top of that, you need to tell them your car’s make and model. That is all you need to tell them. They will give you your free quote in less than an hour! Don’t forget to explore the complete guide to auto wrecking service.

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