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Posted On: March 24, 2021

So, your old Ford is no longer running. In fact, one could say that it is permanently broken down. Well, you could try to sell it. But if you are planning on doing this online via the private market, it could take a while. You will have to wait for someone who buys scrap cars to buy it. And they will try to haggle the price down. They will also try to get you to provide transport for the vehicle in question. You can easily avoid any of this carry-on by simply contacting Ford Wreckers Sydney at Mega Cars Removal (MCR), NSW’s number one cash for Ford car service.

As a leading scrap ford buyer, we buy all kinds of Ford vehicle. We don’t limit our purchasing habits to just the cars. We also buy old and used Ford trucks, vans, Utes, 4×4’s, SUV’s and so forth. Call 0422 330 072 or get a free quote using our electronic form.

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Get a Free Cash Quote for Your Ford

The process that you will need to go through when selling us your Ford vehicle is so much more streamlined and hassle free than all the other methods. When selling to us, you begin by getting a free quote. This is done by either calling us or by getting in touch with us online. Tell us all about your Ford. This includes how old your Ford is, what model of Ford it is that you want to sell us, and the condition that the Ford is in.

We will pay you more than anyone else would pay you for that Ford, you can be sure of that. We pay up to $7’000 for Fords that are in good condition, and trucks get even more. A truck or larger commercial vehicle can get up to $15’000. This is due to there being more parts and materials on it due to its larger size.

All Models of the Ford Variety Are Wanted

At MCR, we have a lot of room at our salvage yards. So much room in fact, that we can fit all the different Ford models and then dome. So, you don’t have to worry that we will reject your Ford just because it is the wrong Ford model. We want everyone that needs to sell their Ford fast for any reason to be able to do so. And via the most exceptional method of selling cars possible, which is what we offer.

Here are just a few of the different Ford models we buy: Ford Escape, Galaxie, Laser, Escort, Econovan, Territory, Probe, Mondeo, Transit Custom, Ecosport, Ranger, Kuga, Falcon, Focus, and so forth.

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Same day Scrap Ford Removal in Sydney

A lot of Ford Wreckers have a practice in place where-by they don’t remove cars for free. Instead, they make their customer’s pay for the removal service that they give. Or they don’t give any service and the customer has to get the car to their salvage yard on their own dime. Here at Mega Cars Removal (MCR), we make sure that we offer free removal to anyone who needs it. So, sell your Ford for top cash to us!

Used Ford Parts and Spares– Ford Dismantlers

Our Ford wreckers have started building up the second-hand Ford parts and accessories on very affordable prices. Feel free to inquire and we will have a look at the part you require.

Planning to scrap your Ford? Get a free valuation today.

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