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Posted On: April 13, 2021

Have you currently got an Audi of the permanently broken-down variety wrecking the lovely view of your property’s front lawn? Junk cars, whether they are Audi or otherwise, have a habit of sticking around well after their welcome has worn out. However, if you are a resident of Sydney, New South Wales, you have the amazing option of selling your scrap Audi to Audi Wreckers Sydney at Mega Cars Removal (MCR). In order to free up some space on your lawn, you are invited to call us at 0422 330 072. Or directly contact us by filling out a simple and easy quote request form that you will be able to find on our all the web pages.

cash for Audi

Free Pickup of Scrap Audi Cars at Your Convenient Time

Among the many services that sets us here at MCR from the rest is our free scrap car removal policy. You can enjoy this service straight after we pay you for your car. Wondering why we don’t charge for the pick-up of junk cars? The answer is simple. We want our customers get the most money out of their junk Audi’s. When other companies require their customers somehow pay for their car to be transported back to the company’s salvage yard, the customer ends up with less cash.

Cash for Audi On the Spot!

If you don’t want to get the most out of the sale of your Audi, you are welcome to sell it to a different cash for car services. Because if you sell it to us, you will only get the most accurate and generous cash deal. Nothing less! We use the details pertaining to your vehicle in order to arrive at a price, making our valuation methods completely objective and unbiased. The maximum amount we pay out for Audi’s is $7’000 depending on the condition the vehicle is in.

Sell Your Audi for Cash – All Models

Owners of unwanted Audi’s all over Sydney, and the surrounding areas, can breathe a sigh of relief. They can sell their Audi no matter what kind of Audi it happens to be. We have this habit of buying any car that is offered to us, and the not-so-humble Audi is no exception. It doesn’t matter what kind of Audi you need to sell, as we want it. This includes the following models:

Audi Q3, A8, Q7, A6, A7, TT, S4, S1, R8, A1, A4, Q2, SQ5, S4, RS7, S5, RS6, RS5, S6, RS4, Q3, Q5, A5, S8, S1, S3 and many more on top of that.

We Buy Audi in Any Condition!

The main problem with selling a European vehicle of any kind via the private market, along with other methods, is that the worse its condition is, the less people are interested in it. And it will take much longer to sell. This makes selling fast an impossibility, while getting less money as well. But Audi Wreckers Sydney team at MCR will not reject any vehicle. We will immediately say yes, no matter how bad the level of disrepair or damage your Audi is in.

broken AUdi

As a reputed Audi dismantler & Audi recycler in NSW, we sell affordable Audi second hand parts and spares and deliver nationwide. Feel free to inquire for Audi used parts.

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