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10 Car Safety Tips for Safety’s Sake

/ / 10 Car Safety Tips for Safety’s Sake

Posted On: October 12, 2020

One quarter of all motorists will the recipients of road accident related misfortune. The majority of these accidents will occur as the result of bad driving and lack of safety consciousness. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling a short distance or large one. You should always keep an eye on safety issues when it comes to your driving. The same goes for having a vehicle that has all the modern safety features. You shouldn’t rest on your laurels in either case.

Here at Mega Cars Removal, we have seen over two decades worth of busted up cars. That is why it is with sincere belief that we state thusly: Lessening your chances of being a red smear on the road involves always practicing the best possible safety methods while driving. Here are ten tips (prepared by a Mega Cars Removal team) for keeping yourself as safe on the road as you possibly can.

  1. Before Long Trips, Check Car Fluids, Brakes and Tyres

You may be taking your car in for regular maintenance, making you feel confident that it is in perfect shape for driving. But it may not be. It could be in the worst shape for driving. You never know. So, give it a quick check. Or a good long thorough check. It really is up to you. A quick check really is all you need, but maybe you feel that if you are going to check, you may as well make it in depth. But the ball really is in your court on this one.

  1. Make Sure to Have your Route Planned Ahead Thoroughly

If there are places that could have higher than usual traffic density, it is always a good plan to avoid them. If you can use GPS, all the better. This helps you to keep clear of congestion caused by accidents and so forth. Keep weather in mind as well.

  1. Never Drink and then Drive

This is the most obvious piece of advice on the list. You’d think that everyone already knows this, but the truth is that folks are still drinking, driving, and killing others. Add getting enough sleep to this, as people falling asleep at the wheel is also still a thing.

  1. Have an Emergency Kit Ready in your Car on Trips

An emergency may rear its ugly head at any moment while out driving. This is just a fact. There is no debating it. Perhaps you will need it for this, perhaps you will need it for that. What do you need in your emergency kit? Tools for fixing tyres. First Aid. Jumper Cables. That sort of thing. If you don’t have a car emergency kit, you will very likely regret it later on. So, have that emergency kit ready.

  1. Take Breaks While on Longer Journeys

If you are going for a drive that is of the longer variety, it pays to take breaks. That way you can be sure that you won’t burn out. Have nap, or a quick snack. Don’t forget to keep hydrated.

  1. Know the Traffic Regulations Inside and Out

You had to have known the traffic regulations in order to get your driver’s licence in the first place. But if you feel that you are a bit rusty, there is no shame in going over them again every now and then in order to make sure that you are fully aware. It may make the difference between life and death. Or not. Who knows? Not you! Or maybe you do know? Who knows? You do!

  1. Keep your Car Secure and Have Valuable Items Hidden

If you have a brand new expensive electronic gadget, don’t leave it in a prominent place when you leave your car to go to the store. There may be a thief about, and if they see the item, they may want to take it. This can result in you having your car broken into. It also pays to have your vehicle locked up good and secure so that you don’t have to experience the despair and heart-ache of having your car broken into.

  1. Pick Parking Spots with Care

This is a great way to make the likelihood of dents or other damages to your car smaller than they otherwise would be. If you park closer to a store in a large carpark, a theft may be less likely to occur as well.

  1. Have an Alarm System Installed

This cannot be stressed enough. Alarm systems are great and making people not want to break into your car. They are one-hundred percent effective, but they certainly do provide your car with extra security. There are such things as immobilisers that you probably already know about too. Get one if you don’t already have one. Even a dash-cam will be of service to you.

  1. Learn and Use Defensive Driving Techniques

One thing that impacts the safety you can experience while driving is your own driving habits. If you have bad habits, it doesn’t matter if they haven’t hurt you yet. The right set of variables haven’t come together yet. The longer amount of time you practice a bad habit, the likelihood that something bad will happen increases. It’s the law of large numbers.

Like not looking directly behind you while backing down a driveway. All you need to do is be doing it while someone is one their bike while riding in the opposite direction. They may see you, but they thought that you would have seen them, so they wait, and then at the last moment have to frantically get out of the way before being hit. Check out safer drivers course for more information.


There are many things that you can do to make your driving more of a safe time for you and your family. Ten of them are listed above and you just read them. Best of luck, now you know what to do in order to keep safe on the roads.

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